LambdaJam Brisbane 2014

I had the opportunity to run a workshop at LambdaJam Brisbane, and it was a blast. The conference is refreshing because it attracts all the really deep thinkers from the software development community in Australia, and it throws in a couple of big name international speakers as well.

They’ve just released the photos here. I’m sharing a few below.

LambdaJam Additional Photos

It was great to meet the guys from the Melbourne and Brisbane functional programming communities, and continue the conversations over dinner.

Hilights from the talks included:

My workshop was “Applying the paradigms of core.async in Clojure and ClojureScript”. The slides and code are available.

LambdaJam Photo 1

To the organisers – Dave Thomas and Craig Smith for organising a really fun conference.

LambdaJam Photo 2

Thanks to Liam McLennan and Craig Smith for the photos.

Just a quick note – I’m in the process of publishing a book, Clojure Recipes. You can see it for presale on Amazon here.

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