Installing Datomic on OS X Mavericks using Cassandra on Docker on Vagrant

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This post shows you how to setup Datomic running on Cassandra using using Vagrant and Docker from scratch. This is non-trivial and if everything goes well, will probably take a hour.

Note that this are my notes from going through this process, so there will definitely be room for improvement, either a simpler way to do things or a better way to explain what is going on.


  • This has been written for a Macbook Pro Retina running MacOS X 10.9.3 (Mavericks) with 16GB of RAM. You’ll need to make a judgment as to whether your setup is similar enough for these steps to apply to your system.


  •  you need at least 9G free on your hard drive
  •  to actually do this – you need a datomic pro evaluation key – you can get this by registering on the site – and then under Account click Send licence key and under Downloads – and also get the latest version of Datomic Pro.


This has the following steps:

Note that steps A-J are here.
K. Setting Up Datomic
L. Running Datomic


Process Steps

Note that steps 1-24 are here:

K. Setting Up Datomic:

25. Obtain a license for Datomic pro through the Datomic Website

26. Download Datomic Pro from here (ie not the free version of Datomic)

27. Expand the datomic download
$ unzip -d datomic-pro-0.9.4384
cd datomic-pro-0.9.4384

28. Copy the cassandra transactor into the config directory (mac terminal)
$ cp config/samples/ config

29. Drop in your license key for datomic pro from the email into the file (mac terminal)
$ nano config/

Also Set the following property entries

Also Ensure the following is uncommented:

30. Provision a keyspace and table for datomic from the datomic directory (mac terminal):

cd apache-cassandra-2.0.8/

./bin/cqlsh -f ../datomic-pro-0.9.4815/datomic-pro-0.9.4815/bin/cql/cassandra-keyspace.cql -u cassandra -p cassandra

./bin/cqlsh -f ../datomic-pro-0.9.4815/datomic-pro-0.9.4815/bin/cql/cassandra-table.cql -u cassandra -p cassandra

./bin/cqlsh -f ../datomic-pro-0.9.4815/datomic-pro-0.9.4815/bin/cql/cassandra-user.cql -u cassandra -p cassandra

Note that with the third one – if you have trouble – log in with cqlsh and run it directly – ie

./bin/cqlsh -f -u cassandra -p cassandra


GRANT ALL ON KEYSPACE datomic TO datomic;

L. Running Datomic

31. Start the datomic transactor with  the new cassandra template properties we just created:

cd datomic-pro-0.9.4815
bin/transactor config/

Ensure you get a result like:

System started datomic:cass://localhost:9042/datomic.datomic/?ssl=&password=datomic&user=datomic

So you know it was successful.

Note this down – this will be the URI to connect.

32. In a new command prompt in the datomic-pro-0.9.4815 directory run:


Ensure you get the prompt

Datomic Java Shell

33. Run through the following commands from the datomic tutorial. Create the database:

% String uri = "datomic:cass://localhost:9042/datomic.datomic/seattle;e;e?user=datomic&password=datomic";

% Peer.createDatabase(uri);

Expect the result:

34. Connect to the database
% conn = Peer.connect(uri);

Expect result similar to:
<{:db-id "seattle;e;e-bdffc04f-19b0-4c5b-8ff8-97393d14b303", :index-rev 0, :basis-t 63, :next-t 1000, :unsent-updates-queue 0, :pending-txes 0}>

35. Load up the schema

schema_rdr = new FileReader("samples/seattle/seattle-schema.edn");
schema_tx = Util.readAll(schema_rdr).get(0);
txResult = conn.transact(schema_tx).get();

36. Add some seed data

data_rdr = new FileReader("samples/seattle/seattle-data0.edn");
data_tx = Util.readAll(data_rdr).get(0);
txResult = conn.transact(data_tx).get();

37. Query the database

results = Peer.q("[:find ?c :where [?c :community/name]]", conn.db());
db = conn.db();
for (Object result : results) {
entity = db.entity(result.get(0));

You should get a list of communities that looks like this:
Downtown Dispatch
Discover SLU
Discover SLU
Discover SLU
Delridge Produce Cooperative
Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association
Delridge Grassroots Leadership
Crown Hill Neighbors
Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle

Voila – you have a Datomic database running on Cassandra across three nodes!


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