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Presenting at YOW LambdaJam in April 2016

In April I had the privilege of Presenting at YOW LambdaJam in Brisbane and doing a follow-on workshop.  My title was Distributing State over the Network in Clojure with Raft (in Clojure). It was a lot of fun.

The talk was about the power of the Raft consensus protocol for replicating state over the network. Using examples in Clojure, seeing how to apply this in the context of a multi-user multi-instance application. Seeing how this has future implications for the use of WebRTC.





Clojure Recipes Published

My book Clojure Recipes just got published and is for sale on Amazon!

I’ve been working on it for quite a while – I hope you find it useful!
(Or even better – I hope you know a friend that might find it useful.)
A little context in the form of Q&A below.
Haven’t we got enough Clojure books already?
I asked this of Stuart Sierra when he was in down under 2 years ago. He responded “we have enough ‘introduction to Clojure books’ but there is room for other types of books”.
Who is it for?
This is a book for people who ‘learn by doing’. It’s for that guy in the office who is interested in Clojure, and wants to use it to hack on a project this weekend. (The assumption is you’re familiar with Lisp-style parens, but not much more.)
The book contains ‘starter projects’ for various use-cases of a small-to-medium size – it will hold your hand enough to get you started, and then free you up to take your project as you choose. Each one is self-contained, and assumes little Clojure knowledge, and explains the code as you go.
What? Clojure Recipes? Isn’t there already a Clojure book in this format?
I signed the contract in December 2012 with Pearson. At that time there wasn’t a Clojure book in this genre.
Then Ryan Neufeld announced he was writing a Clojure book in 2013. I got in touch with Ryan and Justin Gehtland about the situation. They were both amazingly generous and supportive, and clarified they could see differences in the books intended purpose and content. I caught up with Ryan last year at the Clojure Conj and he was warm and encouraging.
I came away feeling really positive about the Clojure community. Everyone wants to ‘grow the pie’ of involved people.

2014 Year in Review

This year past I had the privilege of speaking at Clojure Conj in Washington DC.  This was a blast.

Eric Normand

I also had the opportunity to speak at YOW LambdaJam in Brisbane.  Lots of great people to talk to here.


I also helped lead ClojureBridge in Sydney.


I also gave four talks at clj-syd:

  1. Transducers – What are they?
  2. Hindley Milner in Clojure
  3. Adding Typed Clojure to An Application
  4. Applying the paradigms of core.async in Clojure


I’ve also been working on a book: Clojure Recipes.

Announcing Clojure Recipes

My book Clojure Recipes, is to be published for sale on October, 2015.

This is what the book is about:

Developers are discovering the immense power of Clojure’s functional programming model to quickly solve problems in domains ranging from social networking to Big Data. Targeting the Java Virtual Machine, Clojure also leverages the Java platform’s maturity and enormous ecosystem. Clojure Recipes is a “code recipe book” for this increasingly popular language.

Julian Gamble focuses on practical and complete examples that illuminate Clojure’s key features and show step-by-step how to solve real-world problems with it.  Clojure Recipes provides a series of “learn by doing” step-by-step projects, you’ll learn how to:

    • Write your own DSL
    • Build a website with Pedestal
    • Add ClojureScript to your website
    • Abstract boilerplate code into a macro
    • Get started with Storm
    • Build an application with Datomic
    • Build log readers, web app monitors, web testing suites, customized Ant tasks, and more

Here is a little about me:

Julian Gamble (Sydney, Australia) is a software engineer who has worked in the financial services industry for more than a decade. When he’s not enabling billions of dollars to orbit the globe, he writes and presents on all things software related.


What about the cover?

We haven’t got that done yet. We’ll update it as soon as we know

 Isn’t there another book with a similar title?

We think it’s great that the Clojure community has grown beyond ‘Introduction to Clojure’ books. We’re both seeking to grow the Clojure community. They have a fantastic team working on it and we wish them all the best.

When did you start with this?

I signed a Contract last December with Pearson publishing. Since then I’ve had my head down getting it ready.